Capture the flag. With Energy

We'll tell you in secret that it was great. Our movie secret from Hitachi Energy is currently watching the "daylight". And at the recent CONFidence conference, we were spinning together in artificial, natural, digital, cosmic light...

Opublikowano:10 SIE, Środa

Cybersecurity is a sensitive area. It is crucial and strategic for many branches of the economy. Team Cybersecurity Assurance Center of the Krakow technology hub #HitachiEnergy knows how to use these bricks as hardly anyone else. They set them up, program them, test them, control them, simulate hacker attacks, and check for security holes.

It works.

See how they play #CaptureTheFlag with the conference guests. In addition to demanding work, they have time to play, get to know each other and integrate. They grab the flag, the Re: camera grabs them.

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Capture the flag. With Energy

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